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New York Real Estate Lawyers

March 13th, 2013 3:08 am

A New York real estate lawyer practices in accordance with New York law. A New York real estate lawyer handles purchases and sales of condominium apartments, co-operative apartments and homes, commercial and residential real estate transactions, assignments of sub-leases and leases, and more. A New York real estate lawyer also handles litigation involving real estate with banks, architects, building contractors, insurance companies and landlord-tenant litigation. A real estate lawyer handles building and remodeling agreements, and works to settle disputes regarding budget, materials, craftsmanship and other issues.

There are two categories of real estate lawyers in New York: litigation lawyers, who mainly work on lawsuits involving real estate, and transactional lawyers, who mainly deal with agreements and contracts involving real estate. Before hiring a real estate lawyer, clients should decide on which of the two types of lawyers they need. A New York real estate lawyer helps clients drawing up a lease agreement based on New York real estate law when leasing a real estate property, and represents the client if any landlord-tenant disputes arise. When purchasing real estate, one has to sign up a Promissory Note, so it is always advisable to keep a real estate lawyer present.

It is essential for all New York real estate lawyers to pass the bar exam, which includes multiple-choice questions and essay questions. On passing the bar exam, one must apply to the Appellate Court to seek entry to the bar and, after passing the interview with the Character and Fitness Committee, one can practice law in New York. Some of the most prominent real estate law firms are the Law Office of Kevork Adanas; Silverberg, Stonehill, Goldsmith and Haber; the Harry Herbertz Law Offices, and many more.

Home Owner’s Insurance

August 20th, 2012 8:29 am

As a home owner, you should consider opting for home insurance. Home insurance is a must when you buy property using a mortgage. If you have purchased property by paying cash, buying home insurance is important as it will give you necessary coverage if unforeseen circumstances cause damages to your home.

Getting your home repaired in the event of damage can be very expensive, but with a home owner’s insurance you can cut down on such costs. Here is a look at the coverage offered by home owner’s insurance:

• Casualty Protection – This implies that in the event of any casualty such as fire, windstorms, hailstorm damaging your home, the policy will cover for the loss you incur. It is vital to read up all casualties for which the insurance company offers compensation so that you are aware of the circumstances under which you can make a claim.

• Protection against Liability – In the event that any guest coming to your home sustains an accident and decides to sue you for damages, this coverage will protect you in the event of such lawsuits. When you take up the insurance policy read up the limits which apply this coverage.

• Personal Property Protection – If your personal belongings are damaged or if you lose them due to unforeseen circumstances, this coverage pay for such losses. It’s important here to note how which items coverage is provided so that you are aware on which ones you can make a claim. Expensive items need to be covered separately and higher charger will apply.

There are many types of home insurance policies. Of the many types, people are seen to opt for Homeowners– 3 (HO-3). This policy is referred to as ‘open perils’ policy and it offers comprehensive loss coverage for many losses with the exception of situation such as war, flood, and nuclear accident, and earthquake. If you live in an area which is flood or earthquake pone, you need to take up coverage specific to such causes as they will not be covered by a general homeowners’ insurance policy.

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